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New Happenings at Good Stock Foods Ltd.

The pandemic has created challenges for many local businesses and at Good Stock we’ve really appreciated all of the support we’ve received from our community and our customers. We’re working hard to take some of those COVID roadblocks and turn them into wins, for our team, for our fans and for plant-based lovers across Edmonton. We’ve reimagined and restocked our space and are excited to share some of the new offerings with all of you!

The first thing customers might notice when they visit us at our Petrolia Mall location is a new bank of freezers when you first walk-in. We’ve taken the opportunity to really expand on our take-and-bake menu to help our customers keep their freezers stocked with plant-based goodness ready to cook whenever they need a healthy boost to their weekly meal plans.

“It’s all meals that you can keep in your freezer for those nights that you don’t want to cook, you can just pull them out,” says Debbie. “We’re also adding more meal components to our roster so you can assemble something creative on your own.”

Good Stock will continue to stock shop strongholds like DaVinci Gelato & French Raw Chef and expand on vendor products with new items from local and Canadian vendors like Steve and Dan’s, Loaf Me, Masterlab, Glow Juicery, New Earth Organics, Gold Forest Grains and Kaslo sourdough pasta just to name a few. A few of these new vendor products, from Masterlab and Glow Juicery, even include ready-to-eat wraps, bowls and snacks for customers needing quick and easy takeout.

Another new and exciting addition is our Friday Hot Meal Takeout specials, a new weekly hot meal to enjoy from the comfort of your home. Simply pre-order online or in-store the week leading up and pickup between 4-6:30 p.m. on Fridays!

“We’re going to focus on our customer’s favourites,” says Debbie. “So many people had been asking for things like the donairs and taco bowls for months so that’s what we’ve started with.”

“It will also give me some room to experiment a bit and try out some new recipes to see how the community likes them,” says Chef Michelle.

Good Stock continues to suspend catering service, but there are plenty of great options if you’re looking to feed a larger group a plant based meal. “Although we aren’t formally doing any catering, our larger take and bake menu items do serve 6-8 people so you can easily grab a few and scale that up and they can be a really simple solution for gatherings,” says Debbie.

Larger Casseroles will also be made available in smaller or single serve options, perfect for smaller families, singles and seniors wanting to introduce more whole foods to their meal repertoire. “We try to make whole food plant-based as easy as possible because almost all of our customers just say it’s so much work,” says Debbie.

“I wasn’t even trained that way in culinary school so how can you expect someone to cook really tasty plant-based dishes out of the gate,” says Chef Michelle. “So many people are lost when they want to switch their diet and eat healthier and we help supplement that.”

If you have any questions, would like to pre-order this week’s hot take out or just want to say hi, be sure to stop in and check us out. We’re always happy to fill you in on the latest and greatest coming out of the Good Stock kitchen.

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