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Good Stock at The Bountiful Farmers' Market

Across from ACE Coffee in the southwest corner of The Bountiful Farmers’ Market sits the Good Stock Foods stand where Founder Chef Michelle Robinson and Good Stock Team member Andy Craig eagerly await the arrival of market goers. Craig remarks on the reception they’ve received since setting up shop at the market in September.

“People love that we’re here, a lot of customers who may have visited us at our Petrolia Mall location now come and pick up their orders from us at the market because it’s convenient.”

With his friendly face, helpful demeanor and extensive knowledge of all that goes into the plant-based take and bakes, he shares his own favourite go-to dishes.

“I always eat the tomato bisque like it’s going out of style, the green thai curry is another favourite and the new mac and cheese is really great.”

Market Goers Embrace the Plant-Based Recipes

Bubbling with energy, big smiles and positive energy, Good Stock Foods regular Danna Hanas stops by the stand for her weekly haul. Danna has been a Vegetarian for 28 years and is happy to find local businesses with meal options her whole family can dig into. “It’s amazing everything has been spectacular,” says Danna. “My meat eating husband eats everything with me which is amazing.”

“I love the truffle and dill & onion cream cheezes, the corn chowder is amazing, borscht, cream of mushroom - they’re all amazing I eat them all.”

As a Goodstock Foods advocate Danna is quick to share her love for all things plant-based “Just try it, even for a non-vegetarian it’s just amazing, healthy food.”

Local Supporting Local

Through the south, main entrance to the market, the first thing you’ll see as you enter the building is the The Kick Ass Caramels stand. Behind rows upon rows of sugary, golden goodness you’ll find Gail Lou, the unofficial gatekeeper to the whole building.

“You get a lot of questions about where the bathroom is,” she jokes. Gail’s sister-in-law started the company as a side gig to her career in nursing at the emergency department, after family members suggested she sell her yummy creations.

“She made caramels for us at Christmas, dressed it up fancy and it’s sort of her thing, she’s a candy maker and a baker and she just likes to do it,” says Gail.

The caramels took off and Gail joined her sister-in-law, creating and selling the delicious candy full-time. They’ve been helping to satisfy caramel cravings for the past three years now.

As a Good Stock customer herself Gail is quick to urge others to head down to the stand to check out what’s on the menu for the week. “I think all of us are proponents of local business, of small business, especially with what’s happening in the world right now,” she says.

“Everybody who’s filtering through here is supporting local and all of the vendors are doing what we can to help each other.”

Culinary Collaborations

That collaborative effort and support is easily apparent in speaking with several vendors including Judi Black from Loaf Me.

“It is just amazing here and I just really appreciated being a newer vendor, they just embraced me,” says Judi. “Their tips and advice have been so appreciated and have definitely helped me.”

Judi’s stand neighbours the Good Stock location at the market and that connection has given way to some delicious results, with Judi using Good Stock’s dairy-free, plant-based cheese Prairie Melt in her new vegan sun-dried tomato bread. “It’s something that people have asked for so that’s what I’m about, giving the people what they want!”

Good Stock now receives a weekly delivery of Judi’s vegan Prairie Melt bread along with one other weekly special, so far customers have enjoyed her vegan cornbread, lemon loaf and carrot cake.

With its rustic wood beamed stands, convenient coverage from bad weather and a host of warm sunny personalities representing each local business - it’s easy to see why folks find themselves gravitating towards Bountiful each weekend.

“They’re happy people that really just love the food,” says Andy Craig.

Good Stock Foods is open at the Bountiful Farmers’ Market Friday & Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., all year long. A special shout out and thank you to all of the businesses and customers who took part in this post!

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