Culinary Collaborations: Prairie Melt Now Featured Through Three Local Businesses

Just a few minutes down the road from Good Stock Foods you’ll come upon a tasty local spot, The Stone & Wheel Pizzeria. The family run business has been churning out pizza with fresh quality ingredients in Edmonton for the last five years. Owner Brandy Bronzy said it was a business created in-part to help support young teens in the area. “We started the business in conjunction with our coffee shop in the same building, Square One Coffee,” says Brandy. “One of our focuses was to help provide employment for local teens in the community, I have a bunch of teenagers of my own and it can be tough for them to find work.”

After Brandy and her family became customers of Good Stock Foods, a culinary collaboration seemed like a natural fit and now the shop will be featuring Prairie Melt on their menu as a plant-based topping alternative to traditional cheese.

“We love supporting other local businesses and after we read an article about Good Stock we decided to check it out,” says Brandy.  “When Chef Michelle told us about Prairie Melt we knew it would be a great fit.”

“We scratch make all of our sauces, prepare and cut all of our ingredients fresh in house wherever possible, so using local products where you can actually pronounce the ingredients they’re made with, is something that’s really important to us.” 

It’s a favourite ingredient for local baker and neighbouring Bountiful Farmers’ Market Vendor Judi Black from Loaf Me.

“It melts like a dream!” says Black. “I was typically making sweeter loaves and cakes but have started to experiment with savoury options and vegan items as well.”

Judi recently developed a sun-dried tomato bread with Prairie Melt baked right in and at Good Stock Foods we’re now offering an assortment of other Loaf Me vegan products at the Petrolia Mall Location.

“When our customers come to pick up supper, or grab their weekly order - the breads and vegan loaves are such an easy add on,” says Chef Michelle Robinson. “Judi is great at developing new plant-based recipes for us to try. Her cornbread and banana bread are both big hits.”

Coming up with new ideas is a task the seasoned baker is ready to take on. “Baking has always been a part of my life, but to be challenged with something new, it’s been a lot of fun to play with,” says Black.

Another local spot bringing Prairie Melt onto the menu is The 3 Amigos. From Tacos and Nachos to Tostadas and Burritos you can now make the switch to our non-dairy plant based alternative with the same cheesy taste and melt.

We’d like to thank The Stone & Wheel Pizzeria, The 3 Amigos and Loaf Me for their support, and for including Prairie Melt in their offerings. For more information on commercial collaboration with your business please reach out today and contact us.

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