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Come with us on a journey through the evolution of Good Stock Foods. We are a family on a mission to make healthy food delicious, convenient and accessible to everyone.
Good Stock Foods is an Edmonton family owned and operated plant-based food market and food manufacturer with a focus on quality and nutrition. We specialize in making a variety of plant-based and dairy free cheeses, soups, sauces, curries, casseroles, burger patties and desserts, which are all ready-made to heat and serve.

Good Stock’s concept started with co-owner and red seal chef Michelle’s vision to transform people’s health by providing uncompromisingly delicious, nutritious and healthy plant-based food. Since opening our doors as a casual quick serve restaurant in 2017, our business has continued to evolve to meet the needs of our customers, which, pre-covid, was increasingly in ready-made frozen food.
Without being able to rely on dine-in service during the pandemic, we pivoted to focus primarily on our line of ready made food, which we offer in-store. We converted our dining room into a market and started offering delivery service and curb side pickup for the safety and convenience of our customers. In store, we also expanded our range of specialty plant-based products that are made locally by small businesses.

In addition to our food market, we have also expanded into food service and retail. Our flagship product “Prairie Melt” has been a great success as a dairy free meltable cheese alternative in local restaurants and markets.
This new business model allows us to focus on what we do best, which is the creation and production of plant-based, nutritious ready-made food. Many of our market customers tell us that they keep a stock of our items in their freezers to help with quick and easy, healthy, plant-based meals at home.

Our mission is to continue to expand our reach so that healthy plant-based food is easily available to as many people as possible.


Meet the passionate founders behind Good Stock Foods

Michelle Byrt

It’s my mission to improve quality of life. I want to see busy people win their time back for what is important and I want to see them thrive. By making healthy food delicious and convenient, people can spend less time in the kitchen, less time sick and more time cultivating community and purpose.

Brian Robinson

I can imagine a world where needless suffering by chronic disease is mostly eliminated. When people understand the link between diet and disease, more people will live longer and healthier lives. Due to my own experience with chronic disease, I now view food as either contributing to disease or protecting you from disease. I hope to inspire others to view food in the same way.

Debbie Robinson

I believe when you are healthier, you are happier, you are kinder and ultimately it makes the world a better place. I want to cultivate a community where people encourage each other to be their best because they are at their best. Eating plant based definitely benefits the individual but just as importantly benefits the environment we all live in.

Alex Robinson

I want to see more people feeling their best and treating themselves right because it creates a positive impact on the world. I pair plant based eating with fitness and I notice much better results, physically and mentally. When I’m running on clean burning fuel that doesn’t weigh me down, I’m eager to take on more and stay focused in pursuing my goals. I want everyone to experience this.


See what our customers are saying about us. Our friendly staff and ready-made healthy food will keep you feeling good after every visit.
With nearly 317 customers who rated it 5 stars.
  • Healthy and Convenient

    "Good Stock's pleasant atmosphere, amazing food and welcoming staff make it perfect for lunch with friends or business meetings. Good Stock has made me more productive with their take and bake menu. I can focus on my business knowing I have a full restaurant menu waiting in my refrigerator. Stay healthy, productive and satisfied with Good Stock."
    Austin Mihalcheon
    General Manager, Barcol
  • Dairy Free Cheese

    "I wanted to eat healthier. But if you don't have a tasty substitute how do you not eat meat and sweets? Good Stock took care of that for me. Their food tastes so good I forgot I was eating healthier. It's been a year and I now crave the taste of healthy food. BTW the dairy free Prairie Melt cheese is now a staple in my fridge. Thanks Michelle!"
    Maggie Byrt
    Satisfied Customer
  • Nutritious Food that Tastes Great

    "I've been eating at Good Stock since they opened and they are nailing it! As a family run restaurant, Chef Michelle creates great flavours in her nutritious vegan cuisine.

    As a gym owner and wellness coach, I recommend and seek out nutritious whole food that tastes great. Good Stock provides that. I recommend the butter chicken!"
    Graham Doody
    Co-owner and Coach, Forged by Fire CrossFit
  • "I have had the pleasure of trying Good Stocks Alfredo sauce, Borscht, Cheeze, (and currently have the mushroom stroganoff and lasagna in my freezer) and I have to say OMG BEST alfredo ive EVER had!!!! SO creamy, Garlic-y, and wonderful. I super recommend the alfredo pasta sauce as it is hands down my favourite meal now. Thank you for providing these easy quick meal ideas- especially for front line health care staff like myself, makes cooking way easier/quicker!!
    Thanks again."
    Stephanie Amber
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We love getting involved!

Food Forward Summit at NAIT

Chef Michelle sits on a panel discussing plant based food in food service.

Screening of "Eating You Alive" Presented by HEAL

Brian handing out cashew cheese canapés and soup samples before the documentary screening.

Free Soup for Healthcare Workers

Over $2000 worth of soup given out to our front line healthcare workers during Covid-19 pandemic, thanks to generous donations from Ted Byrt Desjardins Insurance and two other anonymous donors.


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